My Sister’s Song Chapter One


Songs come to me with the voices of the angels. Sacred singing beats against the air; trees quiver and vibrate with sound; music overwhelms me. As I walk further and further into the forest, following the path beneath my feet, all is green, bright with love’s light and bursting with the emerald sap of life. Grass brushes my skirt, reaches up, each luminous blade alive and shaking with that ecstasy which the song of heaven brings. I am a part of this living world. I feel my body stretch and tremble as my soul flies free, soars upwards, up among the green branches and onwards up, up to the blue and the gold of summer sky. A voice within me tells me to remember this. Remember, always, that the soul is free to soar. It is a moment of certainty, poised on the brink of a mighty leap. From this moment on there is no more doubt, no hesitation. I let go all restraint, reality dissolves. I expand into bliss, where music enfolds me and the angels are singing. Time passes as I move forward, stepping through a doorway, as one steps from one room to the next, and once passed through there can be no turning back. In all the years ahead, the vision and inspiration of this day remains. The music, too. Singing, as sweet as angels’ voices, uplifts me always. In the blackest night and the deepest valley, the soul can always find a song that will lift it into the light.



 My Sister’s Song


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